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A note from Retrograde, inc. to the volunteer:

As a volunteer of Retrograde inc., you will have the opportunity to travel through a patient’s subconscious in order to help recover a segment of his or her lost memories. You will be trained on how to use our patented virtual reality sleep chamber, which allows you to change the direction of gravitational pull in order to navigate through your patient’s subconscious.

As an added bonus, mandatory breaks will be provided during your work sessions!

Please keep in mind that some patients tend to react negatively to the presence of our volunteers in their subconscious and things may begin to get a little strange… It’s nothing to worry about, especially since you will be guided by one of our dedicated employees. If you are looking for a fun experience or just trying to find a way to kill some time, please consider volunteering for Retrograde!

Meet the team: Corporate Office

Anish Dhesikan

Lead Programmer & Lead Designer

Anish Dhesikan is responsible for developing our entire memory recovery system as well as anything you may interact with during your experience with us.

Anthony Breen

Marketing Specialist & Project Manager

Anthony Breen is essential for recruiting new company volunteers and making sure Retrograde’s employees are meeting the incredibly high expectations of the company.

Meet the team: Branch Office

Derek Canton

Voice Actor

Serves as the volunteers' guide during their journey through patients' minds.

Lenell Wyman

Storyline Developer

Decides the events that occur during the volunteer's journey.

Matthew Pinault

Audio Specialist

Assists in creating all soundtracks and general audio and ensures that they can be heard while volunteers are working.

Andrew Creeth

Lead Soundtrack Composer

Develops enjoyable music for the volunteers' pleasure while they work.

Nathan Weber

Soundtrack Composer

Created an enjoyable music track that is guaranteed to decrease volunteer productivity.

Mike Rozak

Gun Designer

Designed the gravity gun, an essential accompaniment to the memory recovery environment.

Dustin Hardy

Level Designer

Aids in the design of the core architecture of the puzzle environments.

Ajay Dhesikan

Advisor and Investor

Provides essential financial contributions in order to keep Retrograde functioning at the level our patients and clients expect.

Tyler Murphy

Social Media Specialist

Our gateway to bringing Retrograde inc. to the world.

Jacqueline Chien

Graphic Design Consultant

Co-consultant of Retrograde inc. tasked to create the memory navigation cubes

Xinyi Wang

Graphic Design Consultant

Co-consultant of Retrograde inc. tasked to create the memory navigation cubes

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